Sunday, April 26, 2009

7:02 PM


Spanish cheese,
my hair,
the spark plugs,
the spirit of the bay:
I can feel it work


I changed
I gave
I’m going
I think
I want
I have
I’ve seen
I run
I don’t


the deadbeats of society.
they are popping up around the valley.
Rodney said “the boss” sent them.
I must say, to be candid with you,
I’m as confused as you are.
Well, I changed my mind,
I’m not confused anymore.
but we’re gonna be here a while.
in other words..until the end of time.
so this time, give it to me easy.


I gave
all kinds
of reasons:

if you
constantly inhale
maple syrup
to protest
the Canadians
it is
very bad
for you

Thursday, April 23, 2009

3:50 PM

this economic situation has truly affected all of us
but I won’t fight it;
along with Austria,
and several other countries
dropped me off on the side of the road today
--that’s what makes the difference:
I’m holding on to something that’s not going on now
while a lot of you are concerned even without the European bun.
and some people claim that there’s a Tuesday and Tuesday night
but this is a partnership with Mexico (from behind).
think about how many kinds of ringtones there are,
and the radioisotopes and the age of the Earth
--we just need to go to the doctor
we’re halfway there
a total eclipse of the sun is gonna make everything all right
like never before.


we know how to show it,
we’d be singing at the top of our lungs,
the moon’s shining bright black magic,
and Charles Barkley, one of the best power forwards in the game--
so damn beautiful;
(he was the guy who smelled good)

the private collectors were getting a piece of this
and just to let you know what I mean, if you don’t know:
some Soviet soldiers had decided to stay,
they all won titles.
Father, preserve them from the evil one

from east of the Rockies,
you tell me that you need me.
and that makes you even a better candidate for SWAT police.

the sun comes up, the sun stays down
but on this bright winter’s day we immediately head north
and I’m burning! I’m burning!
how it made you laugh!
the maximum speed is 55 miles per hour for the vehicle you want
don’t be afraid
sometimes when I’m alone I wonder why gentlemen and women
frequent strip clubs, sit down, and have another beer in Mexico
--when it comes from you, you’re nuts right?
but there are times when you just can’t gather the words no more



this is not going well, Where did I go wrong?
the righteous judge of the universe
lost to the Bobcats last week,
and 1 in 30 adults in Washington
are getting hardened like a stone.
and: out-of-work-technicians
(who need new skills)
could never take the place of Supper Central.
--their season is winding down.
Today, in Scottsdale, Jesus went up into the heavens
because people borrowed money;
what do you think of that?
do you know the place to go?
It’s zoom zoom time!
you know you don’t wanna leave;
unless your heart can sprout wings
I don’t think you’re gonna get anywhere fast


Open your eyes!

We are 44th in the nation
--so we have light.
and we’re sleeping well.
and ya know,
high profile kitchen appliances are slowly accumulating in our bodies,
and everyday activities
are never more than thirty minutes away--

it doesn’t happen very often.
Can you believe it? A ham sandwich.
and I’m thinking to myself, “what’s gonna happen next?”

I remember, I remember:
‘minimizing Russia’s importance.’
--cuz we’ll never be wrong.

welcome to the savage nation.

11:36 PM


and Years
after the second world war,
we still have no quantification,
no means of measuring these things
so how do you think you’ll try to quit?
you are required to carry chains, video games,
and everything else of value
because people change behaviors
it’s called statistical analysis--
you see it happen with tourists all the time
(it may change drastically
from one mile post to another)


if you are a criminal and you’re wanted,
face a wall and raise your skirt
because I’m gonna spank you
and put your week of surprises in Washington.
then you can let them know
that you listened to them
in a place
that rarely gets snow in the middle of winter.


it’s easier and faster when you fall,
so count the raindrops falling on you
when caterpillars emerge

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a navy blue silhouette of the philadelphia skyline on the sole of my shoe

the sound was yesterday.
and the sound
now gone
is still yesterday.
it was yesterday
but what it not is--was
is a breathing dolphin memory.

when we was what it not is--dolphins together.
the two of us soundworthy
breathing dolphins
dolphins rubbing--together.
the two of us soundworthy--was yesterday
yesterday together.
the two of us was what it not is--was

the two of us in a classroom
and still dolphins
with children soundworthy,
all immune to yesterday.
and the memory was yesterday
and you played guitar--free.
before what it not is was and
before the communion party listened
and yesterday--it was.


old man old man
gettin old, old man
old man gettin old
old man
old old man getting old
gittin old, old gittin
old man, whatcha gonna do?
gettin old watcha gonna do?
old old gettin older
old man gettin old
gettin older
remember the cracked collar-bone, old man
bone crack crack old crack bone crack
older- more cracks
older- more cracks
biking and crack collar-bone crack
twice crack bones crack young biker cracking
but now, man gittin old
but now man gettin old
old ain't old like it's bad old
old is friendly old
backyard diving catch old
old is you old
saturday sun playground old
old is you old
i am you old, old man.

feliz navidad

i create in twos
that's what i do
i create in twos
that's what i do
create in twos,
create in twos--
that's what i do
create in twos
that's what i do.
what i do is
i create in twos
what i do is
what i do what i do
i do i create in twos
i do i do i do
i do i do
in twos in twos
in twos do and do
do two
and do and do in twos
and twos in do
in twos i do i do
i do i do i do in twos
i do in twos

organic raspberry

you sing for the red bike and
tea bag and bush and
(where the eggs were)

we say nothing is yours
not even the shadow of the
you are singing.
and nothing is mine.
but the air between their wings

Sunday, April 12, 2009


dalmation trot
dalmation spot
dalmation trot spot trot dalmation trot


passionistic nationalistic national no nature known no nurture none nude nudist no nature no nature free known none national none passion none no none no none fast fascist pass on passion fast fasting fast from freedom fast fast free feeling feel feeling feeling new, new angles wave, no knew none new know bright, bright fade free future, on fading future, fade to blue, blue to cars, car angles on passing speed, fast speed fast, fast speed fast, pass speed war, fast.


windows' pane woe pain wins wane
in rain insane in pane window wane
pains rain rain pane landing stairs with pane painting
cat painting rat painting painting Joe
painting red
red painting red painting
painting on desert mushrooms on painting
painting there their painting there


your world not my world.
a world but not our world.
worlds within our world
are worlds of one world.
my world is your my.
my your is my your.

world my one,
world you.

one you me,
and I not.

our world is our world.
world's world but not my.
not my not your not.
our one world and our world.

to the park

to the park in the park on the park in the sun
on the sun in the sun on the rock on the park
on the park in the park on the rock in the sun

roasting co.

in tending time
in ten years' time
time and ten ten tenure
in time in time
intend on time
timing time intending ten
tenure time and
time beyond
beyond since time
and since time then
then ten then years
then time in years
timing tenure then in time
intending on in tending ten
in ten in ten in ten years' time
on time in ten beyond then they and since then when
since known we have
known have and have
and seen and been
beyond since then since ten since then
ten times time timing years
and years ten then ten years' time
in since we have ten then ten
then when