Tuesday, March 31, 2009

handkerchiefs unknown

That which they want to airplane mine soul to the fifty thousand grandparents and their firstborn pets who generally want nothing more than to sip wine on the greatest fields from Kansas to Colombia and after they clean their sweatpants they hang them (forgoing the Hanky-Panky). Though they are made of recycled-content by the children in the far-reaching mills of her own country, they had been advertised as unsanitary. and behaviors which you might expect to merit the use of tissues are undoubtedly permitted within a single fiscal year. Despite the fact that they were of the utmost importance, the handkerchief windmills dealt me some new Asian wash of deli fish. What an idea these people had! Three days and one meal. Excellent, excellent idea. No toilet needed even after they have finished. There is an emphasis on the bulk flow, not diffusion, of turtles appearing and speaking everywhere. Still, the grandparents and Kansas are about to fire the head fireman, they are simply disgusted. The freezer, the SunChips, and the man who taught me to stuff as many words into every paragraph on the paper as possible, are all joining them on this. From where I stand, I can see there are more silver clocks in that trunk there than there are in this soiled, ruined, dead sea. They said that the smelly Shelly girl has more flaws than any woman born in the year 1800 but we stand to declare that the children of this unsanitary generation have seen the days of yore, have seen a golden sparrow traveling on the far left of the horizon, just as you thought you were. and we but know. no, and we but think that since 1955, yet since the entire 1950s, her hands have seen their final age. our mission is not to feel as if we is da bomb. there is an intimate connection between those junkyards which fill are homes and those people that trash them. I would admit that I have lasted until now, but in this building, on this day, I say that we must get dressed. it is only realistic, now that Greenpeace is doing it. and please, toss in a free page, why pretend? it is up to you to visit the last jedi, and to own one. in the dark of winter, it’s them who will find dinner under the wastebasket. there, there.. I see that these children have taken he who was the empty one. they and we puts this to an end, but not that fast, and as an infamous earmarker once proclaimed “it is time to hold on. those who were by the stream have seen the sun”

artichoke spirits

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