Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chicken Coop Building and CHICKENS!!

frame with roost made from split 2x4s, overall dimensions: 96"l x40"w

I used bamboo in place of chicken wire, locally harvested, biological resource, more aesthetically pleasing-- but slightly heavier

roof rafters and diagonal braces made from thinner pieces of lumber, old wooden crate used for nest box

we had to nail the bamboo on with the inside facing out to avoid major splitting, roof overhang should protect from weathering

hanging well drinker with nest box mounted in rear

access to ground so that we can use this flock for tilling up and fertilizing our beds, we will pull coop/"tractor" one length every 2 days or so

old roofing tin for one side and access door, with mountain laurel handle

to simulate forest habitat, Dappled sunlight can come through the slatted bamboo, while other siding tightly spaced or closed off completely provides nice shade during hot weather and shelter during storms, you can see the black soaker hose section used as a grip on sturdy wire for pulling coop along the beds, hanging from a J hook mounted on cross beam for storage
chicken door lower left, and mountain laurel handles mounted to frame for 2 person moving, while the other pulls from wire pull on other side

plymouth barred rock,ancient dinosaur bird

already enjoying the view and decorative interior

I was worried about the roost being too wide for their claws, but they are happy with it

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